Here’s an Unusual Way to Clean Your Blade Coffee Grinder

If your grinder gets used almost daily then you will have noticed the amount of oil and coffee grounds that quickly builds up.

Hopefully you’ll know not to submerge it in water or soap. So how do you get rid of this?

Today I’m going to share an unusual way of cleaning your blade grinder. But boy is it effective.

One of the biggest problems that coffee lovers face is the amount of leftover grounds that can clog up their grinder after they use it.

Once grounds are exposed, they start to age immediately, meaning that when these leftovers then make their way into your next cup of coffee, the resulting drink can be overly bitter and stale.

This is as much true for simple blade grinders as it is for more complex burr models. It’s straightforward to give your grinder a quick shake after you use it to rid it of leftover grounds, but leftover grounds do have a funny habit of outstaying their welcome and finding their way into your next beverage.

newly clean blade coffee grinder

As well as grounds, oil from the surface of your beans can go unnoticed and form a grimy residue across the inside of your grinder and its blades. If left uncleaned this can build up to form a disgusting layer of oil.

To combat this, it’s important to take action at least once a month and clean your grinder properly. However, due to your grinder’s mechanics it’s best to avoid the use of water inside the barrel of your grinder. Exposure to moisture could ruin the electronics of the grinder as well as create a buildup of rust.

old blade grinder

So here’s a little trick for removing any unwanted grounds and oils from your grinder, and is really easy to do. If you commit to doing it every month or few weeks then you’ll significantly reduce the buildup of these materials.

It’s important to note that is specifically for a blade grinder. Burr grinders are a different beast entirely owing to their different grinder type. Don’t use this method on a burr grinder!

For this simple cleanup method we’re going to make use of a quarter cup of uncooked rice – white, brown, whatever you prefer – as well as paper towels and tap water.

clean blade coffee grinder


How to clean your coffee blade grinder


Step 1

Put your quarter cup of rice in your blade grinder. Turn on and grind for 30-60 seconds, or until your rice is crushed into a crumble or flour-like mixture.


Step 2

Shake or beat out the rice mix into your bin or garbage can. The oil in your grinder should at least mostly be gone, and some particles from the rice will remain.


Step 3

Lightly apply a little bit of water to a paper towel and wipe the inside of the grinder, as well as the inside of the blender’s lid.


Step 4

Use a dry paper towel to wipe out any residue or remaining grounds.

blade grinder clean with rice


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