5 Best Manual Coffee Grinders of 2023

Nothing beats the taste and smell of fresh coffee in the morning. However, a good cup of coffee is something that most people do not find that easily. Coffee lovers opt to brew their cup of coffee themselves. However, brewing your coffee pot is not possible if you cannot grind the coffee beans.

Coffee grinders have been in existence for a period. Nevertheless, not all coffee grind can ground coffee beans even in the absence of electricity. The one grinder that is fit for travel purposes and requires no source of power to run it is the manual coffee grinder. Manual coffee grinders are easy to use, and they give a consistent and precise grind of coffee.

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Benefits of using Manual Coffee Grinders

1. Affordability

Purchasing a manual coffee grinder is affordable as compared to obtaining an electric grinder. Manual grinders are excellent to purchase especially for people with a limited budget.

2. Portability

For people who are addicted to coffee, acquiring a coffee grinder that you can travel with ensures you enjoy your cup of coffee no matter where you are. Manual coffee grinders are portable, and they do not require electricity to operate. They are also light and small; hence, they will take up less of your storage space.

3. Noise Free

Unlike the electric coffee grinders, the manual grinders are noise free. The manual grinder is an excellent choice for people who love making their coffee in a quiet environment.

4. Uniqueness

Manual Grinders are unique since they all come in different sizes and shapes unlike, the regular electric grinder that comes in almost the same design for a majority of electric grinders.

5. Makes the best cup of coffee

Coffee lovers around the world can tell you that one of the ways to make the best cup of coffee is by grinding the coffee beans by hand. The taste of coffee beans declines with time. Using freshly ground coffee beans gives the coffee a fuller flavor and an intense aroma. However, it is important to note that the taste of the coffee relies on how consistent you are with the grind.

Manual coffee grinders give you a consistent grind ensuring you have a rich coffee taste and a string brew.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Manual Coffee Grinder

1. Type of Grinder

There are two types of manual grinders: the blade grinder and the Burr Grinder. The Burr Grinder has two burrs; one burr stays still while the other rotates. The burr grinder works by grinding the coffee beans rather than slicing them. The force of impact while grinding the coffee beans is not concentrated in one area; hence, the burr grinder has a more consistent grind.

The blade grinder has blades that slice the coffee beans into several parts. The blades of the grinder are situated at the center of the grinder, and they resemble that of a blender. However, it is important to remember that the blade grinder will still ground the coffee but not as consistently as the burr grinder does. For people who love their coffee beans perfectly ground, you can opt to purchase the burr grinder because it will function better than the blade grinder.

2. Size

If you prefer grinding your coffee beans on the go, then obtaining a manual grinder that is sleek and has a cylindrical shape will make it easy to grip and store the ground coffee. You also consider the size when you are looking for a manual coffee grinder that is portable. A small manual grinder is easy to pack and does not occupy a lot of space unlike, a sizeable manual grinder.

However, if you are not concerned about the acquiring a manual coffee grinder for travel, you can purchase a vintage grinder that suits your taste.

3. Warranty

Warranty of the product is essential especially when it needs some repairs. Before you buy a manual grinder check whether it comes with a warranty. The guarantee makes it possible for you to repair the grinder without having to cater for the repair costs yourself.

4. Affordability

When purchasing a manual grinder, the first thing people think of is their budget. However, when buying a manual grinder, your budget should be a priority. Between the blade and burr grinder, the blade grinder costs less than the burr grinder. However, since you require quality ground coffee, you can opt to budget and save to purchase the burr grinder.

5. Material

Manual grinders come with different types of material. However, the two main types of grinder material are ceramic and steel. The choice of material you should choose depends on the thermal conductivity of the material. Steel is an excellent thermal conductor, meaning that when the grinder heats especially the burr grinder, it will cool down.
On the other hand, Ceramic has lower thermal conductivity, and it takes time to cool down. However, ceramic has a longer lifespan in comparison to steel. Manual grinders made from ceramic materials are more expensive and more brittle in comparison with steel grinders.

6. Hopper size

The hopper size of your manual grinder also matters. If you love grinding plenty of coffee beans, you should look for a manual grinder with a large hopper size. The hopper size dictates the amount of coffee you can grind at a go.

Here are five of the best…


1. Handground Precision Coffee Grinder

The Handground precision is a manual grinder designed to cater for the needs of coffee lovers across the world. The constituency of this coffee grinder makes it easy for coffee lovers to brew their coffee without having to worry about the grinder being stuck. The grinding power of this machine releases the full flavor of the coffee beans in every cup of coffee you brew. The inspiration behind its make comes from a camera lens; hence, selecting the right size of grinder you require becomes a straightforward affair.

The loading, setting, and grinding of this machine is simple. All you have to do is just put your coffee beans in the hopper, set the grinder set by twisting the numbering ring to either a 1 for an expresso or an 8 for a French pass coffee then turn the handle. The Handground grinder has 15 grind settings, meaning that you can brew your coffee using any method. The side handle of the grinder makes it easy for you to turn the handle without any difficulty


2. EZE Hand Burr Coffee Grinder

The EZE hand grinder is slim and has a compact design. It has a high-grade steel material with conical burrs on the inside. The exterior of this manual grinder is heavy duty steel that is reinforced with a long hard crank. The excellent thing about this grinder is that it is versatile, meaning it can be used to not only grind coffee beans but as a herb and spice grinder. To attain different types of coarseness especially when grinding coffee beans, just turn the knob at the bottom of the grinder. Turning the knob will enable you to get the best grind of coffee for either French Press Coffee or an expresso.

This coffee grinder grinds coffee beans faster than most manual grinders because of its long steel handle. Its long steel handle enables you to grind a cup of coffee beans within a minute. Its mini size makes it easy to pack and carry this grinder when traveling or camping. Another added benefit of this grinder is made out of plastic, making it durable and less prone to damage.


3. Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

For coffee lovers that are travel enthusiasts, this coffee grinder is just for you. It is a stainless steel grinder with a static-free body, which makes it easy to clean the grinder. The steel material of the grinder enables it to hold the grinder’s temperature. Its cylindrical shape makes it easy to grip the grinder. The ease in gripping the coffee grinder makes it easy for you to put it in your car or carry it with you when hiking, riding your bike, or place it in your suitcase when packing. The weight of this grinder is 10.4 ounces, meaning that it adds no weight to your luggage.

It has an adjustable grinder that grinds the coffee beans depending on the coarseness you desire. The grinder has 13 settings all of which come with various coffee tastes. Each setting is defined by a click on the grinders burr wheel. All you have to do is find the setting you like; remember it, and you can make your coffee as you want.


4. Steel Coffee Manual Coffee Grinder

The one astounding feature of the steel coffee grinder is that it has various adjustable settings for coffee grinding. You can choose between coarse grinding to fine grinding. You can quickly adjust the grinder to the precision grind you desire. The material of this grinder is steel like its name. The steel material increases the longevity and durability of the grinder. The grinder is also French Press, Aeropress, drip-coffee compatible, and Pour over, making the grinder more functional. Its mini size makes it an excellent choice for travel enthusiasts to use while out camping, hiking, or traveling. The grinder is light and will therefore not add any weight to the luggage you pack.

To grind the coffee, all you have to do is adjust the conical burr at the top of the grinder, pour in the coffee beans, place the lid, attach its handle, and begin grinding the coffee beans. You can choose to grind the beans to powdery coffee or course coffee.


5. Zassenhaus Santiago Mahogany Coffee Mill Grinder

For people who love vintage grinders, this is just the right grinder for you. This grinder is expertly crafted with a beautiful mahogany finish. The mahogany finish of this grinder gives it a classic look that is different from all the grinders on this list. It has a 25-year warranty and an excellent grinding capability. In comparison with other manual mills, this grinder is smaller and denser. The Zassenhaus maintains a uniform grind allowing you to choose the texture of coffee you like; from coarse to powder. It has a considerable number of grind settings meaning that you can get whatever brew method of coffee you desire. Apart from its mahogany finish, it has hardened steel that enables the grinder to maintain optimum cutting edges. This means that you grind your coffee beans gently retaining the aroma and flavor of the coffee despite the heat produced.


The Verdict

The best manual coffee grinder on this list is the EZE Hand Burr Coffee Grinder. The EZE coffee grinder is a burr type that is reliable, and it produces constituent coffee grinds allowing you the chance to customize your grind options. It is also portable and suitable for people who love traveling and enjoy brewing their cup of coffee.
In comparison with other grinders in the list, it remarkably lightweight and affordable.

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