How to Make Aeropress Espresso

aeropress espresso

Aeropress coffee is popular because of its simplicity and how you can brew a delicious cup in just minutes. There are many different ways to make Aeropress espresso, but today we’re going to focus on using the inverted method.

The word espresso comes from the Italian word for “pressed-out”. It’s made by forcing hot water at high pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. Aeropress espresso is one of the most popular ways to make this type of drink. Discover how to make the perfect aeropress espresso with our in-depth coffee guide.

Can AeroPress make espresso?

An AeroPress is another way of brewing coffee. In the same way that you use the pour-over method or French press. An AeroPress is excellent for making a lot of different brews. It is versatile and convenient. But espresso is not one of the brews this coffee machine makes well. 

While it may result close to espresso, you will not get the same result as a properly brewed espresso. However, if you are not too bothered by the same quality, you can use an AeroPress to make an espresso. 

Why is pressure necessary for espresso?

The pressure used in making espresso can make all the difference. The making of espresso relies heavily on pressurized steam. An effective coffee machine that brews espresso needs to have 9 bars of pressure, to push water through the ground coffee. 

The espresso relies on high pressure to be adequately pulled. Pressure will break down the coffee grounds and release the acids, compounds, and oils in the coffee ground. The correct pressure, applied over a certain amount of time, will allow the pressurized coffee to combine with the water and give you a concentrated brew full of flavor and strength.

The modern espresso machines have automated pumps which makes the process easier and more efficient than the manual piston pumps used back in the day. If you want genuine espresso, look for 9 bars of pressure on the espresso machine that you will use. 

How to make an AeroPress espresso

While it is not the ideal way to make an espresso, you can still use an AeroPress. Even though it is not the real McCoy, it is often found in the homes of espresso lovers because it is less expensive, portable, and easy to use. You will not need to be a barista to use AeroPress. 

Equipment needed

There are a few things that you will need before you can make an AeroPress espresso. 

  • 18 grams espresso roast coffee this could also equate to about three tablespoons coffee beans
  • Water 
  • A Coffee grinder
  • Aeropress
  • One circular Aeropress filter, preferably metal

Type of coffee

The best type of coffee to use is freshly ground coffee. You will need about 17grams. This is where the kitchen scale comes in handy. 

What grind size

Make sure the grains are about the size of a grain of sugar. The grind will need to be very fine. Steer away from bigger sizes.

Water-coffee ratios

To make 2 ounces of espresso, use 18 grams of coffee and 85 grams of water. 

Water temperature

Make sure the water is heated to between 200˚F and 205˚F.

Here’s how to make an espresso using AeroPress. 

1.    The first thing to do is to make sure the water is hot enough. Heat it between 200˚F and 205˚F

2.    Use your kitchen scale to measure 18grams of coffee.

3.    Then grind the coffee to a fine grind. Make sure that it is fine but not powder fine. The size of a grain of sugar should be just fine. The finer the grind, the harder it is to plunge. Getting it just right is important. 

4.    Put the filter in the AeroPress basket and make sure the basket is properly fixed on. 

5.    Then pour the water into the AeroPress  and let it sit for about 45 seconds

6.    Then place the plunger in AeroPress

7.    Push down until the plunger is almost to the bottom. It’s essential to make sure that you do this slowly and deliberately. As you do this, you should hear a hiss. This will be the air being released. This should take you about 30seconds. 

8.    Then remove the AeroPress and unscrew the basket, and hold it over garbage disposal. 

9.    As you press the plunger down, you release the filter. Now it’s ready to serve and enjoy. 

To make an espresso with a crema using an AeroPress:

1.    Use 20 grams of coffee beans and grind them. the final grind shouldn’t be as fine as the espresso grind

2.    Add the grind to the AeroPress

3.    Boil 60grams of water over the coffee grounds

4.    Stir for about 15 seconds

5.    Plunge quickly and with a lot of force. 

When espresso is made the right way and extracted over the right amount of time, it forms a crema. This looks like a foam layer on top of the espresso and is formed as the shot is being pulled. When water is pressurized to the extent, it needs to be pressurized when pulling an espresso shot. More carbon dioxide is dissolved. As soon as the pressure stops being applied and the espresso is poured into the cup. 

Not all the gas can be contained in the liquid. Some of it escapes and collects as a cluster of small bubbles that mimic a foam layer on top of the espresso. This is known as crema.  

While you will get a layer of froth, it will not be as thick as it should be. Crema is produced by applying a lot of pressure which is why you plunge quickly and with force. 


Why is my espresso weak?

You can find up with a weak espresso if you start with poor-quality beans. It may also be too watery if you don’t spend enough time or pressure extracting and pulling the shot. Ideally, a shot needs to be pulled for about 25 to 28 seconds. It needs to have the right amount of coffee not to be pulled too slow or too fast. 

What kinds of coffee is AeroPress best for making?

The best coffee beans for AeroPress need to be of good quality and have a strong flavor that will easily come through when the shot is pulled. The coffee strength you choose depends on the flavor you want at the end of the day. Also, select coffee beans over already ground coffee to freshly grind the beans yourself and determine the size and subsequently the quality of the beverage.

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